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Willow School in Decatur is moving and expanding


Willow School in Decatur is moving and expanding

Image provided to Decaturish

Image provided to Decaturish

The Willow School announced it will be leaving its current location on Sams Street in Decatur for a location along East Ponce de Leon.

The new school building, located at 2969 E Ponce de Leon Avenue, will open in January.

“At The Willow School, we believe a child is competent, powerful, full of ideas and curiosity, and completely capable of constructing his or her own knowledge,” the school said in a press release. ” … We are expanding, so we can share this approach to learning with more families in the area.”

Here’s some more information about the school:

The Willow School is an inspired school for young children, which considers the whole child. We believe childhood should be joyful and full of wonder.  We offer full time and part-time opportunities to children from 3 months through 4 years of age and an after-school program for families at Winnona Park and Glenwood Elementary Schools.

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