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Decatur Parents Network to host presentation on Vaping and eCigarettes


Decatur Parents Network to host presentation on Vaping and eCigarettes


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A female model demonstrating use of an electronic cigarette. Photo by Michael Dorausch, obtained via Wikimedia Commons

On Dec. 5, at 7 p.m., Decatur Parents Network is hosting a presentation about “Vaping & eCigarettes” as part of their speaker series, a response to parents’ request for information about Juuling and vaping with an increase in use among Decatur teens.

“The Georgia Department of Education Student Health Survey last February indicated that 35 percent of [Decatur] seniors had used an Electronic Nicotine Delivery System in the last 30 days. That was up from 15 percent of the seniors during 2017,” according to a recent press release.

Those interested in attending will get the chance to do the following, according to the event website:

– Review the growing variety of nicotine delivery products and devices commonly used by youth.

– Learn how nicotine and other substance misuse by youth disrupt normal brain development resulting in greater risk of dependence and addiction.

– Discuss family, school and community strategies to address this issue and prevent another generation from developing a lifelong dependency on nicotine and other drugs. ​

The presentation will be held in the Media Center of Renfroe Middle School, located at 220 West College Avenue in Decatur.

For more information about the event, click here.

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