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Voters report problems at the polls on Election Day

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Voters report problems at the polls on Election Day

File photo by Jonathan Phillips

File photo by Jonathan Phillips

Decaturish has received numerous tips about potential problems at the polls today, Nov. 6.

The midterm elections are expected to generate a high turnout and millions already have voted early.

People going to the polls today have reported long lines, fewer voting machines than previous years and, in at least one instance, a voter said that she was told her vote had already been cast.

The voter recounted her experience in a social media post that was being widely shared Tuesday morning. She said she attempted to cast her ballot at the Avondale High School precinct but the ID scanners were not working and that other voters were being told they were not registered or that their ballots had already been cast. She said she was eventually able to cast her ballot.

County spokesperson Andrew Cauthen said there are no problems at this polling location like the ones described in the post.

“There are no issues at Avondale High School, and haven’t been any,” Cauthen said. “It is possible that if a person has an old driver’s license, it may not scan. In that case, the information is simply typed in manually. But again, there are no issues there.”

Another reader reported that the precinct at Oakhurst Baptist Church on East Lake Drive had fewer machines than in prior years. Cauthen confirmed that was the case.

“Yes, there are fewer machines at some locations, and more at others, based up prior voting trends,” he said.

Another post being shared on social media says that a polling place at the Ponce de Leon Library in Atlanta was changed at the last minute to Butler Baptist Church in Old Fourth Ward. The post says there was only one person at the precinct directing voters to a new location.

An employee at the library told Decaturish that the library was an early voting site, but that it was not going to be a polling location on Election Day.

“That’s always been the plan,” the employee said.

The official Twitter account of Fulton County also confirmed that the library is not a polling place this year.

To find your polling place and see your sample ballot, visit the Secretary of State’s My Voter Page by clicking here. You must enter your first initial, last name, select the county you live in and enter your birthday under the “MVP Login” section to see your polling place and sample ballot.

GeorgiaPol and other media outlets have reported that problems with voting machines in Gwinnett County have occurred at four precincts.

The Democracy Labs, a progressive organization, is running a crowd-sourced map where people can self-report voting issues. To see it, click here.

According to the AJC, people can report these problems to the Secretary of State Office. The AJC says, “In metro Atlanta, call 404-656-2871 or 404-656-2881. Elsewhere in Georgia, call tollfree 1-877-725-9797.”

The state Democratic Party is also running a voter protection hotline at 1-888-730-5816.

We would like to keep tabs on this. too. You can email us at editor@decaturish.com. Be sure to include your polling location, the nature of your issue and a number where you can be reached. 

Polls close at 7 p.m. today. For our complete guide on what you need to know before heading out to cast your ballot, click here.

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