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Oakhurst Community Choir sings on CNN


Oakhurst Community Choir sings on CNN

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Decatur’s very own Oakhurst Community Choir appeared on CNN Sunday morning, Dec. 23.

The choir provided this clip to Decaturish:

So how did this happen?

Choir member Keri Challen said, “Our executive director, Alice Reeves, was approached by a friend of hers, a producer at CNN. We polled our choir to see if we had enough members available for a good balance. We recorded it Friday afternoon at 3 p.m.”

The Oakhurst Community Choir is an independent, non-audition choir founded in 2013. The group’s mission is to “bring together members of our community to share in the joy and benefits of communal singing in a fun, informal and low-commitment setting.”

The CNN contact was Adam Charlton, who is also a Decatur resident.

Challen said the choir is actively recruiting for the next semester and is in need of basses and tenors, but all are welcome. People interested in joining should send an email to: [email protected]

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