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(PHOTOS) The new Whole Foods 365 store in greater Decatur

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(PHOTOS) The new Whole Foods 365 store in greater Decatur

The Whole Foods 365 store in greater Decatur. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

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The interior of the Whole Foods store on Dec. 11.

This story has been updated. 

The Whole Foods 365 grocery store in the North Decatur Square shopping center will open Wednesday, Dec. 12.

Decaturish got to tour the store on Dec. 11. Work crews scurried around setting up displays and dusting off wine bottles. There was the smell of saw dust in the air and Taylor Swift music played on unseen speakers.

Whole Foods 365 isn’t the only grocery store game in town. Within a mile there’s Aldi, Walmart and Sprouts. A little farther out – but not by much – there are several Kroger and Publix stores. Heather McCready, a spokesperson for Whole Foods who led the tour, said the chain is confident it can hold its own in Decatur’s food oasis.

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She said the store will offer customers a chance to support local suppliers and novel customer experiences, like using a kiosk to help you find a food to pair with your reasonably priced bottle of wine.

“We’re really excited to be joining this community because there’s a great appreciation for food here,” she said.

McCready said the store does not exclusively carry 365 products, Whole Foods’ private brand. Some familiar brand names are on the shelves as well. There’s a community aspect to the store. It has an upstairs bar area called Pour de Leon that offers craft beer, bites and free arcade video games, with an area carved out for little kids to play while their parents are reliving 90s arcade nostalgia and enjoying a drink.

Doors open Dec. 12 at 9 a.m. The store is located at 1555 Church Street. According to a press release from the company, on opening day the first 100 customers in line will receive a Whole Foods Market 365 gift card ranging in value from $5 to $365 and a free reusable tote bag.

Here are some more images of what it looks like inside the new Whole Foods 365 store.

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An overhead view of the Whole Foods 365 store.

A close up view of the free arcade games at Pour de Leon.

Free arcade games at Pour de Leon.

Craft beer taps at Pour de Leon.

The sign in front of Pour de Leon.

A pocket park behind the Whole Foods 365 store.

Loteria Grill, from Chef Jimmy Shaw, will be located in the store but won’t open until 2019. The Whole Foods 365 store will also feature Atlanta-based dtox juice.

This kiosk helps customers pair wine and food.

The meat and sea food section at Whole Foods 365.

At this kiosks customers can weigh and tag produce.

This is Veg Valley, which is in its own cold room. Whole Foods said the set-up is designed to be energy efficient.

Fruit on display at the Whole Foods 365 store.

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