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Decatur Parents Network to host Friday Nite Live for local middle schoolers


Decatur Parents Network to host Friday Nite Live for local middle schoolers

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Photo obtained via decaturparents.net


This Friday, Jan. 18, from 6 to 9 p.m., the Decatur Parents Network is hosting, Friday Nite Live – Hangout for Decatur Middle Schoolers.

According to the Decatur Parents Network website, Friday Nite Live allows for adolescents to “be together with their peers and have safe fun at no cost – hang out, play sports, listen to music, watch movies on a big screen, play Xbox, and more.”

Held at Decatur First United Methodist Church, this free event is open to middle schoolers who live in Decatur.

The event is first come, first serve, with 80 spots for youth.

Middle schoolers interested in attending can register for Friday Nite Live by clicking here.

High school-aged volunteers were recruited by the Decatur Prevention Initiative to work the concierge, and volunteer chaperones were recruited by the Decatur Parents Network.

Those interested in chaperoning or providing a snack for the event can sign up by clicking here.

In order to be eligible to chaperone the event, complete the background check by clicking here.

For more information about Friday Nite Light or Decatur Parents Network in general, click here.

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