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HBO films at North DeKalb Mall, shoot could be connected to ‘Watchmen’ series

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HBO films at North DeKalb Mall, shoot could be connected to ‘Watchmen’ series

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Last week, DeKalb County residents noticed film crews at the empty Macy’s building North DeKalb Mall.

The DeKalb Entertainment Commission reports that the crews were filming an HBO show titled “Brooklyn.”

But that may be the production’s secret identity. According to Comicbook.com, “Brooklyn” is a working title for the production of the “Watchmen” miniseries.

For those of you who don’t now, “Watchmen” is Alan Moore’s genre-bending graphic novel that envisions a future where heroes have been outlawed and the most powerful superhero is an agent of the government. Its depth, length and plot structure have made the graphic novel notoriously un-filmable, though Zach Snyder gave it a shot in 2009 with mixed results.

The Entertainment Commission reports the production was only at the mall for one day but added the team is actively filming in the Metro Atlanta area.

Crews believed to be connected to the project were spotted filming in Decatur this past November.

A reader reported seeing, “Tulsa police cars, a hearse, a casket covered by an American flag and reserved event parking on the street near Ebster gymnasium.”

That project was also attached to an unidentified HBO series.

The Tulsa World in Tulsa, Okla. provided a hint about what the series could be. The paper reports that the “Watchmen” HBO series will take place in Tulsa.

The Tulsa World reports that there’s filming going on in Macon, Ga. as well.

In December, the city of Decatur confirmed “Brooklyn” was also filming near Sams Crossing.

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