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Kidnapping, sexual assault reported on Derrydown Way

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Kidnapping, sexual assault reported on Derrydown Way

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The approximate location of the kidnapping that occurred on Jan. 25. Image obtained via Google Maps.


A woman was kidnapped and sexually assaulted on Jan. 25, according to police reports.

Atlanta Police and DeKalb Police both responded to the incident. The woman was abducted in DeKalb County and abandoned in Atlanta. The Atlanta Police and DeKalb Police reports differ slightly but tell the same basic story.

The incident happened in the 700 block of Derrydown Way, but it was not in the Decatur city limits. However, Decatur Police are interested in seeing if the incident is related to an attempted carjacking on Derrydown way that occurred on Jan. 4. That incident occurred in the 800 block of Derrydown Way, which is in Decatur city limits.

The Jan. 25 incident began in the 700 block of Derrydown Way, which is in DeKalb County. Officers responded to the call after 10 p.m.

According to both police reports, the victim, a 19-year-old woman, was waiting in the 700 Block of Derrydown Way for her boyfriend to get off work. A man wearing a camouflage ski mask approached her, according to the Atlanta Police Department’s report. The suspect pointed a gun at her through her driver’s side window and ordered her to drive him around Atlanta.

The victim says they wound up at the dead end of Ollie and Lena streets. The suspect asked the victim for “sexual favors,” the Atlanta Police report says, but the victim said no. According to the DeKalb County Police report, the suspect also sexually assaulted the victim. This allegation was not in the report provided by Atlanta Police.

The suspect ordered the victim to exit the vehicle, described as a tan, 4-door 2003 Honda Civic, and drove off. The victim was invited into a residence on Martin Luther King Drive where she called the police.

Neither police report provided a detailed description of the suspect.

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