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Owner of Pine Street Market in Avondale opening Chop Shop in Edgewood

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Owner of Pine Street Market in Avondale opening Chop Shop in Edgewood

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Avondale Estates’ Pine Street Market is opening up a butcher shop in the Edgewood neighborhood.

The address 1366 Memorial Drive SE, Atlanta, Georgia. It’ll be close to the neighborhoods of Reynoldstown, Kirkwood and East Atlanta.

The new venture, called Chop Shop, is a partnership between Pine Street Market and Riverview Farms.The hours are to be determined. The business could open by the end of the month.

Pine Street owner Rusty Bowers said Pine Street Market isn’t going anywhere and will become one of the suppliers of Chop Shop.

Bowers said he wants the new store to be “a culinary Mecca of a butcher shop.”

“This is the beautiful retail store we’ve always wanted to own,” he said.

The space is 1,300 square feet with room for pop-up businesses and restaurants.

“It’ll have humanely raised cuts of pork and beef and chicken, all the Pine Street line of sausages and cured meats and bacon,” Bowers said. “Plus, we’ll have an entire local cheese section and shelves with products from all of our local food producer friends.”

He said the new store will make things a lot busier at Pine Street Market, too.

“We’ll do all of the production there and deliver to Chop Shop,” Bowers said. “It’ll make us busy, busy worker bees.”

To learn more about Chop Shop, click here.

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