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Atlanta Science Festival returning March 9-23

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Atlanta Science Festival returning March 9-23

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The annual Atlanta Science Festival (ASF) will return March 9-23 this year, offering events for science and technology fans of all ages.

Several of the events are in Decatur this year.

According to an ASF press release, the two-week event has become one of the largest events of its kind in the country in less than five years. The festival features over 100 events every year, including hands-on activities, tastings, tours, and more, and reaches as many as 50,000 people.

“We’re passionate about sharing the beauty of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with the whole Atlanta community,” Jordan Rose, executive co-director of the festival, said. “And there’s no better place than Atlanta, which continues to be a global leader in scientific innovation.”

The 2019 launch event will feature a live performance of the “Wow in the World Pop Up Party,” based on the popular NPR science-themed podcast “Wow in the World.” It will kick off the festival at 11 a.m. on March 9 at Glenn Memorial Church, 1660 N. Decatur Road, Atlanta.

Every year, the Atlanta Science Festival culminates in the Exploration Expo, where thousands of guests descend upon Piedmont Park to explore interactive science booths, live science demos and shows from local organizations, universities, and companies.

While some events, including the kick-off event, requires paid tickets, the Exploration Expo is free. It will take place from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. on March 23 at Piedmont Park, at the intersection of Charles Allen Drive and 10th Street,

For a list of other free and paid events, and to find tickets, go here.

Here’s a list of the events in Decatur that aren’t sold out:

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Explore the wonder of mathematics, art, performance, and magic! Spend the afternoon exploring puzzles and games, and engaging with mathematics through music, magic tricks, movement, and visual art. You will be amazed at the beauty of mathematics and how it shows up everywhere in our lives.

1 p.m. March 9. Free. Ebster Recreation Center, 105 Electric Ave., Decatur.

Eating Bugs: A Graphic Novelist’s Perspective

Blue Delliquanti spent years researching and diving into the world of entomophagy (the practice of eating insects) to write her graphic novel Meal. Come hear about her culinary adventures and research process as she tells us all about how Meal came to be. We’ll have scientist and entomophagist Chelsea Thomas there to tell us more about why eating insects should be the wave of the future. And maybe you’ll get to try one of these delightful treats!

7 p.m. March 11. $5 per family. Little Shop of Stories, 133A E. Court Square, Decatur.

Beyond Babbling

Did you know that children begin to hear and learn language while still in the womb? Or that we can measure the physics of how their vocal tracts develop to produce sound, while their brains develop to produce language? Dr. Gordon Ramsay, an autism researcher at Emory and expert in infant speech, will use both physics and humor to show us how babies learn to talk – and how parents and caregivers play a crucial role in the process.

6:30 p.m. March 12. Free. Toco Hills Library, 1282 McConnell Drive, Decatur.

To Infinity and Beyond: Science, Fiction, and Popular Understandings of Outer Space

Do you ever wonder how science fiction has inspired scientists to explore the universe—or what scientists think about the books, films, and video games that use their ideas? Have you ever been curious about where science fiction artists get their inspiration for the exotic planets and alien creatures populating their stories? If so, then this is the event for you! Our panel brings Georgia Tech astrobiologist Dr. Kennda Lynch, Emory physicist and popular science writer Dr. Sydney Perkowitz, award winning science fiction author Jack McDevitt, and up-and-coming queer young adult author Casey Alane Wilson together to explore these questions and more. Focusing specifically on representations of outer space and the beings that might inhabit it, our panelists show how both science and art shape popular understandings of the universe and our place within it. You will be welcome to ask questions and share your ideas in an open Q&A at the end of this event. Free parking is available on site.

7 p.m. March 13. Free. Georgia Center for the Book at Dekalb County Public Library, 215 Sycamore St., Decatur.

Insects Around Us

Do you love insects? You will after this event! Sometimes friends, sometimes foes, insects have held a tempestuous place in human history. Explore the fascinating world of insects, visiting stations where you can catch and observe insects under microscopes, explore insect life cycles, create art inspired by our insect friends, and dine on insect culinary treats (YUM).

10 a.m. March 14. GSU Perimeter College, Decatur Campus, 3251 Panthersville Road, Decatur.

Science & Spirituality: An Exploration of Gender Identity

What are the intersections and shared pathways between biology and belief? What holistic approaches do science and spirituality offer to our bodies, our selves? Join us to hear a panel of local scientists and theologians offer a wide range of insights in a safe space for open dialogue.

7 p.m. March 14. Free. First Christian Church of Decatur, 601 W. Ponce De Leon Ave., Decatur.

Mapping the Brain

Merriam-Webster says the brain is the organ of thought and the central control point for the nervous system, but it often seems like a complicated black box. What is going on in that grayish organ in our skulls? Join us at this event where we’ll touch brains, analyze MRI scans, and hear from Dr. Nora McNamara, child and adolescent psychologist, and other scientists about what happens to our brains as we learn. Drop by anytime to join in on the fun!
10 a.m. March 16. Free. Arbor Montessori School, 2998 LaVista Road, Decatur.


Earth to Sky Performance Company presents Constellations, an exploration of star stories. This hour long theatrical show uses creative movement both on the ground and in the air to interpret the ancient stories behind the night sky’s luminous formations. From the Native American myth explaining the creation of the Milky Way to the Greek epic of Hercules and the dragon, this enthralling show imbues ancient tales with the excitement of aerial arts.  Earth to Sky is an Atlanta based aerial arts and dance troupe. The Company includes experienced fabric, trapeze, lyra, and contortion artists who thrive on the art of storytelling. With guidance from professional performer Nicolette Emmanuelle, Earth to Sky provides a space for dedicated youth artists to write, choreograph, and perform together.

3 p.m. March 17. $10. Ebster Recreation Center, 105 Electric Ave., Decatur.

Bio-Bus: Chemistry – Acids, Bases & Indicators

Put on your goggles, don your gloves and become a junior chemist as you learn about the building blocks of chemistry: acids and bases. Explore the properties of these solutions and join the Bio-Bus as we put a creative spin on learning how these chemicals behave together, and of course…participate in a few reactive demonstrations!
2:30 p.m. March 21. Free. Toco Hills Library, 1282 McConnell Drive, Decatur.

Animals –Just Like Us!

Bridget Heos, author of the Just Like Us! series of books, discusses with kids the various ways that humans share similarities to other living things. Cats enjoy naps. Birds decorate their homes. Fish go to school (and find safety in numbers). Plants drink water. Ants build roads. This just scratches the surface! Books will be available for sale at the event and Bridget will sign them!

6 p.m. March 22. Free. Little Shop of Stories, 133A E. Court Square, Decatur.

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