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Avondale Estates hosting community Arbor Day celebration

Avondale Estates Decatur

Avondale Estates hosting community Arbor Day celebration

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Lake Avondale. Source: Avondaleestates.org


Avondale Estates will celebrate Arbor Day and the city’s 35th year as a designated “tree city” this Friday with a community gathering.

One of the first tree cities in the state of Georgia and one of few in DeKalb County, Avondale Estates was recognized as a tree city for having the “establishment of a tree board or department, a community tree ordinance, specific spending levels for urban forestry and planned Arbor Day celebrations,” according to the city website.

The celebration will take place on Feb. 15, which is when Georgia celebrates Arbor Day. On Arbor Day, citizens are encouraged to plant trees throughout their communities, according to a city press release. The national holiday is in April, but the state celebrates it annually on the third Friday of February, when new trees have a better chance of thriving.

“The trees we plant clean air, beautify our neighborhoods, provide homes for wildlife, conserve energy and topsoil and help keep the atmosphere in balance,” the release said. “And life is just better when we live amongst the trees.”

The Arbor Day event will begin at 2 p.m. at 31 Lakeshore Dr. in Avondale Estates.

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