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Decatur City Commission organizing citizen-led Affordable Housing Task Force

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Decatur City Commission organizing citizen-led Affordable Housing Task Force

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The city of Decatur hosted a Housing Summit on Nov. 10. Left: Housing data presented by the City of Decatur. Center: Bill Bolling, founder of the Atlanta Regional Housing Forum, moderates summit. Right: Participants examine strategies for increasing affordable housing in the city. Photos by Cathi Harris


Following last November’s Affordable Housing Summit, the Decatur City Commission is creating a citizen-led Affordable Housing Task Force.

As an effort to improve community awareness of affordable housing initiatives throughout the city, the original summit aimed to “establish a shared understanding of Decatur’s housing context, define the often subjective term ‘affordability’ as it relates to Decatur, explore viable approaches and strategies and conclude with ways for all participants to be a part of local solutions.”

The new task force will review the recommendations that came out of the summit, which includes ongoing research and education. The city plans to have the citizen task force in place by April 15.

Those interested in serving on this task force can fill out a Statement of Interest Form by March 15, which can be found here.

You can return the form via email to City Manager Andrea Arnold, andrea.arnold@decaturga.com or mail it to her attention at City of Decatur, PO Box 220, Decatur, GA 30031.