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Decatur Police say same man may be responsible for disorderly conduct at two restaurants

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Decatur Police say same man may be responsible for disorderly conduct at two restaurants

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This story has been updated. 

Decatur Police responded to a disorderly conduct call at Mac McGee on Feb.23 and said the man involved may have recently caused a scene at the Waffle House nearby.

Police responded to the call at 11:07 p.m. An employee said the man walked in, ordered and paid for a cup of coffee and asked for sugar. The employee obliged and provided a container of sugar.  The suspect  poured all of the sugar inside of his cup and asked for more. The employee said no.

“When the suspect was told no more sugar would be provided, he became upset and asked for a refund,” Police Lt. Jennifer Ross said. “When the suspect was told a refund would not be provided, he became disorderly and began cursing. The suspect left the location briefly, then returned and broke a window pane out of the front door to the restaurant with an unknown object.”

The suspect left a pair of glasses behind.

Officers said that the same suspect may have been involved in a disorderly person call at the Waffle House a few days earlier.

Ross said, “Waffle House staff called on Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at approximately 9:30 pm. Ofc. Robinson responded and was advised a male inside of the restaurant became upset and began acting disorderly after being told he could not have a free re-fill on orange juice. The male was already gone from the location when Ofc. Robinson arrived. Staff wanted to the male to be trespassed from the location.

“Later in the evening, Ofc. Robinson was flagged down by a male on the square who asked him to go inside Waffle House and buy something to drink. A Waffle House employee met with Ofc. Robinson and advised the male Ofc. Robinson was speaking with was the same male from the earlier call and they did not want to have a trespass warning issued at this time because they felt the male may have some mental health issues. Staff advised they would call back if there were any future problems.”


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