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DietSpotlight recently conducted two-year survey on obesity in DeKalb County

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DietSpotlight recently conducted two-year survey on obesity in DeKalb County

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Photo obtained via https://statistics.dietspotlight.com/


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Nutrition and weight-loss content website, DietSpotlight recently finished conducting an anonymous, voluntary “two-year study on obesity and weight loss in DeKalb County, which includes 1,370 participants,” according to a recent press release.

“Our data was gathered from customers, that visit our site,” Marketing Director, Jessica Touzet said. “Customers fill out a form with qualification questions that we then tie it to their zip code – gender, zip code, age, height, weight, exercise levels. We have information for over 1,000 counties with hundreds of submissions from customers in each zip code.”

DietSpotlight customers are people looking for weight-loss options online, such as a new workout program, fat burner, or appetite suppressant.

Throughout the study, DietSpotlight was able to track trends of body mass index (BMI), activity level, and preferred diet programs, and find a relationship between this data and gender, age, and neighborhoods in DeKalb County.

Below are some of the trends in data:

– The average male in the county weighs 211 pounds with a BMI of 30.8

– Females weigh roughly 200 pounds and measure a BMI of 33.4

– Both men and women are significantly higher than the healthy BMI range of 18.5 to 24.9

“When DeKalb County numbers are put up against state and country statistics, the results set the county on top,” according to a recent press release. “With an average number of pounds to lose of 57.1, DeKalb needs to lose 6 percent less than the state and 3 percent lower than the country.”

To see more statistics from this DietSpotlight study, click here.

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