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Kirkwood Neighbors’ Organization discusses dog park, Spring Fling

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Kirkwood Neighbors’ Organization discusses dog park, Spring Fling

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from left to right, Bill Dewalt, Stan Sugarman, Megan Owe.ns, Carl Holt. Photo by Sara Amis


By Sara Amis, contributor

The Kirkwood Neighbors Association held its regular monthly meeting on February 10, 2019, at Turner Monumental AME on Howard Street.

Items on the agenda included a second round approval for the organization’s budget, Kirkwood Spring Fling, Clay Cemetery, and the planned Kirkwood Off-Leash Dog Park.

KNO voted to support the outdoor festival permit and alcohol permit for Kirkwood Spring Fling. This year’s event is planned for Saturday May 18.

Sandra Mersinger reported that she has raised $12,110 towards $20,423 needed to complete “phase one” of the Kirkwood Dog Park.  Phase one includes all of the requirements to open an official City of Atlanta off-leash dog park, including fencing, a double gate, water fountains in the large and small dog areas, and trash receptacles.

Phase two, the remainder of the original estimated budget, will include beautification, a retaining wall, and a path.

“Fundraising is ongoing,” said Mersinger, but she asked the Kirkwood Neighbors Association to provide $8,313 so that construction on the dog park can begin as soon as the weather allows. Fencing and gate installation is planned to begin March 1. The park will be located in Gilliam Park.

“It should all be done in a couple of months,” said Mersinger.

The Kirkwood Neighbors Organization approved the requested funding for the dog park, in the first of two required votes.

Clay Cemetery, located at 42 Clifton St., will be one of the historic sites included in the Atlanta Preservation Center’s Phoenix Flies celebration.

“If we have a sustained period of warm weather, we’ll have a pick-up project to clean a few more of the gravestones,” said Earl Williamson.

Notifications of exact dates for the clean-up will be posted on Kirkwood Neighbors Organization social media pages.

Tours of Clay Cemetery as part of the Phoenix Flies celebration will be conducted at 12 noon and 2 p.m. on Saturday March 9, Sunday March 10, Saturday March 16 and Sunday March 17.

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