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Middle School Friday Nite Live event, this Friday for first 80 teens


Middle School Friday Nite Live event, this Friday for first 80 teens

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Photo obtained via decaturparents.net


The Decatur Parents Network is hosting Middle School Friday Nite Live this Friday, Feb. 15, from 6 to 9 p.m.

The event will be chaperoned by adults and held in the gymnasium and youth rooms of Decatur First United Methodist Church, located at 300 East Ponce de Leon Avenue.

For this event, teens get to pick what they want to do. Below is a list of activities listed in a recent press release:

– Open gym: Attendees can choose from basketball, kickball, or dodgeball

– Gaming: Attendees can choose from playing on an Xbox, PlayStation, or Wii, with all accessories included

– Ping pong and foosball tables

– Movies on the big screen: teens are invited to bring a DVD from home, which will be approved at the front desk

In addition, snacks and soda will be provided, too.

Middle schoolers interested in attending must submit a student permission form by clicking here.

This is a new year, so those who have submitted a form before need to fill out a new one for 2019.

Note that there is limited space and resources, so the first 80 middle schoolers who show up will get to participate.

For more information about Friday Nite Live, click here.

If parents would like to get involved and help out, snacks and soda donations are always appreciated. Contact [email protected] to donate food or to ask further questions.

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