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Report: Whole Foods plans to convert 365 stores to regular Whole Foods stores

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Report: Whole Foods plans to convert 365 stores to regular Whole Foods stores

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The Whole Foods 365 store in greater Decatur. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt


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Whole Foods will scrap the 365 concept and convert its existing 365 stores into traditional — albeit smaller — Whole Foods stores by the end of this year, according to Yahoo Finance.

According to Yahoo Finance, “There will be changes in store signages, product assortments, and back-end distributions, according to people familiar with the plan.The transformation will not be too disruptive of current operations.”

To read the full story from Yahoo Finance, click here.

Previously, Fortune.com reported that the 12 stores in existence, including the one in greater Decatur, would remain open as 365 stores.

Decaturish sent a message to a spokesperson for Whole Foods seeking comment.

The Decatur store opened on Dec. 12. It has an upstairs bar area called Pour de Leon that offers craft beer, bites and free arcade video games, with an area carved out for little kids to play. It also features Atlanta-based dtox juice.

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