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Three Decatur City Commission seats are on the ballot this year

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Three Decatur City Commission seats are on the ballot this year

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The Decatur City Commission. Top row, left to right: Brian Smith, Kelly Walsh, and Scott Drake. Bottom row: Mayor Pro Tem Tony Powers and Mayor Patti Garrett. Smith and Drake are not seeking reelection this year. Photo obtained via the city of Decatur.


On Nov. 5, Decatur voters will have an opportunity to vote on three City Commission seats.

Three out of five City Commission seats will be on the ballot, meaning voters could change the balance of power on the commission. However, incumbents are seldom challenged in Decatur.

The City Commission seats on the ballot this year are:

– One City Commissioner from Election District 1, Post B  – Incumbent: Scott Drake

– One City Commissioner from Election District 2, Post B  – Incumbent: Brian Smith

– One City Commissioner from Election District at Large – Incumbent: Tony Powers

Powers, the current mayor pro tem, and Smith are both planning to run for a second term.

“There’s some unfinished business,” Powers said. “There are some things we need to do.”

Drake told Decaturish at the recent City Commission retreat that he doesn’t know whether he will seek another term.

“I haven’t quite decided yet,” he said. “I haven’t really thought about it yet.”

Drake is the son of former Decatur Mayor Walt Drake. He was elected in 2013. It was a special election to replace Mayor Bill Floyd, who resigned his City Commission seat. Unlike many other cities, Decatur’s mayor is elected by fellow-commissioners, not by the voters.

It’s rare for people to run against incumbents in Decatur, but in 2015, Drake drew two challengers and edged out challenger Eric Tumperi.

Qualifying to run for city office begins Monday, August 19, 2019 at 8:30 a.m., and continues until Wednesday August 21, 2019 at 4:30 p.m.

Voter registration will end Oct. 7. Early voting will start on Oct. 14. The qualifying fee for to run for City Commission is $360.

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