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Avondale Estates Downtown Development Authority has open position

Avondale Estates Business

Avondale Estates Downtown Development Authority has open position

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Photo obtained via the city of Avondale Estates website.


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The Avondale Estates Downtown Development Authority (DDA) has an open position for a board member, according to a newsletter from Avondale Estates

The DDA was created in 2001 to oversee the revitalization and redevelopment of Avondale’s downtown development area and to develop and promote for the public good and general welfare trade, commerce, industry and employment opportunities in the city.

The DDA is comprised of seven directors. According to the DDA website, three directors must be city residents, and at least four directors must represent a group with an economic interest in the redevelopment and revitalization of the downtown development area. The open position is for someone who meets the latter requirement.

To apply for the position on the DDA board, you may submit your application online here. You may also download an application in PDF format and send it via email to Gina Hill, hand deliver it to City Hall, or mail it to City Hall, located at 21 North Avondale Plaza, Avondale Estates.

For questions regarding any of the openings contact Gina Hill via email or phone, 404-294-5400.

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