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DeKalb County launches national search for new ambulance provider

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DeKalb County launches national search for new ambulance provider

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A map of DeKalb County.


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DeKalb County is searching for a new provider for ambulance transport services.

“DeKalb County has worked with our stakeholders to create an ambulance transport request for proposal that will better serve the needs of DeKalb citizens and residents,’” CEO Michael Thurmond said in a press release. “The new proposal will improve patient care and countywide ambulance response times. The RFP also gives municipal leaders within DeKalb County the flexibility to enhance levels of service by creating designated service areas within their jurisdictions.”

To view the RFP, click here.

A consultant hired by the county evaluated ambulance transport services and made recommendations for improvements.

“DeKalb County leaders also held public meetings with local elected officials, and heads of police and fire departments representing municipalities within the county to provide feedback on how to improve ambulance services in DeKalb County,” the press release from the county says.

The recommendations to improve service include:

– Supplemental Service: The county will permit the creation of service areas with the option to purchase supplemental services for those municipalities or other portions of the county that desire additional service.

– Dual Response System and Rapid Response Vehicles: All DeKalb County Fire Rescue (DFCR) sworn personnel are trained and certified EMT professionals that are dispatched to all emergency medical calls, and select non-emergency medical calls. In 2018, DCFR’s 90th percentile response time for high priority calls was 10 minutes and 59 seconds. DCFR will utilize 10 Rapid Response Vehicles to increase the ability to respond quickly to emergency calls.

– Performance expectations and penalties: The selected ambulance transport provider will be required to respond to high priority calls within 11 minutes and 59 seconds, to the 90th percentile mark. The provider may incur penalties if they are not able to comply with response times and other performance measures.

“DeKalb County has made significant improvements to ensure countywide coverage for all residents,” the press release says. “In May 2018, the county reached an agreement with American Medical Response that resulted in additional investments that included $1.3 million in improved services, two additional ambulance units (one in Dunwoody and one in Stonecrest), and a cash payment of $596,000 to the county. Subsequently, the county entered into a memorandum of understanding with the city of Dunwoody that added two additional ambulances serving the northern corridor and designated response times.”

Last year, the county increased ambulance services for Dunwoody and Stonecrest following complaints about slow response times.

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