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Two local schools made it to third round of Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl

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Two local schools made it to third round of Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl

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The Kittredge team included Mary Entrekin, Camille Gipson, Nora Glass, Olivia Arcement, Lyvia Huang, Sophie Price, Jonathan Sneh, Joshua Loventhal, Duke Nicholas


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On March 2, Tucker High School and Kittredge Magnet School, competed in North Divisional, the third round of the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl. After placing and advancing in the first and second round, neither team advanced past the third to the final round of competition for the State Championship.

“I have been participating on a reading bowl team since I was in third grade at Ashford Park,” Kittredge Magnet School sixth grader Mary Entrekin said. “I love reading, and the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl is a great way for people who love reading to compete and be part of a team. It’s fun, competitive, and exciting.”

Helen Ruffin was a Library Media Specialist at DeKalb County’s Sky Haven Elementary School, and she created “The Reading Bowl” in 1986. The competition asked students questions about the 20 Georgia Book Award Nominees from that year. After Ruffin retired in 2000, the DeKalb County Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl was created. Through its evolution over time, this competition is open to 4-12 graders in the state of Georgia. More than 600 Georgia schools have participated in this competition over the past few years.

For more information about the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl, click here.

Tucker High team members included Coach Robbie Barber and team members Agrace Ohuabunwa, Laruen Loy, Sofia Khemani, Allanna Harlan, Aruna Giri, Daniel Aoulou, Bethany Benard, Elysia Levy, Cinya Lin, Geetu Gelan, Maryanna Sapp, Marian Cham, Yoko Zhu

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