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Severe flooding causes more than $50,000 in losses for Global Growers farm

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Severe flooding causes more than $50,000 in losses for Global Growers farm

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Last Friday, a severe flood devastated the 15-acre Bamboo Creek Farm owned by Global Growers, a local network of farms and gardens.

According to a letter from Robin Chanin, Global Growers’ executive director, the flooding occurred after Snapfinger Creek – a creek that runs through DeKalb County – rose more than 10 feet in a few hours. The flooding washed out five farm businesses and destroyed nearly all of the crops.

Located in Stone Mountain, Bamboo Creek Farm is just one of eight farm and garden sites around metro-Atlanta that are a part of the Global Growers network, but it accounts for 65 percent of total production and more than 90 percent of the organization’s commercial production.

Along with destroying crops, the flooding eliminated the possibility of future sales for at least three months, Chanin’s letter said.

“We are re-grouping to get back on track as soon as possible, but our immediate priority is to be sure that the basic needs of farmers are met,” the letter said. “There are four large families, new to this country, that have rent/mortgages/bills to pay, families to feed, and need to be able to take care of themselves in the short and long term. We know that natural disasters like this have a disproportionate effect on poor people and communities of color who are already at a disadvantage. Now is not just the time for charity, but also an opportunity to re-focus on justice and solidarity.”

In the aftermath of the flood, Global Growers is seeking urgent financial assistance to provide immediate and direct support to farmers to cover the loss of income and to mobilize resources to get the farm and sales back in business. Global Growers estimates that more than $50,000 worth of investments were destroyed, and the farmers and Global Growers face a significant loss of future income.

Go here to donate or learn about other ways to support Global Growers.

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