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Stop work order leaves mess on McClean Street in Decatur

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Stop work order leaves mess on McClean Street in Decatur

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Photo of a home at 149 McClean Street. Image provided to Decaturish


A reader says a home at 149 McClean Street has looked like this for about four weeks.

Photo provided to Decaturish

Photo provided to Decaturish.

Photo provided to Decaturish

The reader called the current state of the property, “Super dangerous with all the kids on the street. How can the city let this sit like this?”

The property was sold in February for $380,000, according to county records. Attempts by Decaturish to reach the owner were unsuccessful.

Decatur Assistant City Manager David Junger is aware of the situation.

“This was a demolition that began without a permit,” Junger said. “Citations were issued and a stop work order was issued until the owner can resolve all of the permit issues. I believe the building official and other members of the Design, Environment and Construction Division of Public Works are working to resolve the situation.”

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