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(UPDATE) Water main break affecting Decatur

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(UPDATE) Water main break affecting Decatur

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A DeKalb County water main break is affecting customers in and around Decatur today, April 25.

City Schools of Decatur was considering an early dismissal as a result but said that is no longer needed.

According to the county:

DeKalb County currently has two main breaks affecting the water system. Crews are working on a 30 inch at Katie Kerr Drive and a 48 inch at McAuliffe Drive. Due to the break on McAuliffe Drive citizens in northern areas of the county may experience brown water, reduced pressure, and some water outage.

Customers experiencing brown water should run their faucets until the water is clear.

Currently we have identified these area with having water quality issues:

• Drew Valley
• Clairmont Road
• Buford Highway/Atlanta
• Briarcliff Road/Atlanta
• Henderson Mill Road

For more information, contact the DeKalb County Watershed Department at 770-270-6243.

The county says repairs on the 48-inch main should be completed this evening.

A spokesperson for the county said customers along Katie Kerr are being serviced by other water lines at this time.

“Crews are working on a 30-inch transmission main along Katie Kerr Drive,” the spokesperson said. “DeKalb Watershed took the main off line two weeks ago to investigate a leak. Customers in the area are being serviced by distribution lines.”

City Schools of Decatur sent the following message to parents:

A robocall just went out to parents with this information:

1:00 pm water main break update. While two schools have very low water pressure, they still have enough water pressure to continue operating. We will not dismiss any schools early. Again, we will not dismiss any schools early.

12:15 pm- There are two major water main breaks in DeKalb County. They are affecting several of our schools and we anticipate other sites may soon be impacted. We are working with county emergency management to assess the situation. Please be aware that we may need to dismiss one or more schools early. We will provide another update at 1:00 pm or sooner.

This story will be updated when more information becomes available.

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