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Decatur Police respond to report of woman ‘covered in blood’ on Mead Road

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Decatur Police respond to report of woman ‘covered in blood’ on Mead Road

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Photo provided by the Decatur Police Department


Decatur Police on June 19 responded to a call on Mead Road about a woman covered in blood, but were unable to find any visible injuries on the victim.

“On June 19, 2019 at approximately 6:38 p.m., Decatur Police responded to the area of Mead Road and Leyden Street in reference to a fight in progress with additional calls reporting a woman covered in blood,” Police Lt. Jennifer Ross said. “Officers arrived and located the woman, but were unable to locate any injuries. Rescue personnel arrived and cleaned off the blood but the woman refused further medical attention.The blood appeared to have come from a nose bleed. The woman appeared to be highly intoxicated and was belligerent with emergency personnel. She was able to state she had been on a front porch with an acquaintance, that she may have called the acquaintance a derogatory name and that she was hit in the face, but would not provide further information. The woman was given a courtesy transport home. The case was assigned to investigations for additional follow up.”

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