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Decatur Police say armed robbery victim fought back

Crime and public safety Decatur

Decatur Police say armed robbery victim fought back

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Photo by Dan Whisenhunt


Decatur Police say an armed robbery victim fought his attackers early Sunday morning.

Police responded to the intersection of Church Street and East Howard Avenue around 1:30 a.m. on June 16. Police had received a report about an armed robbery.

“Two victims, one male and one female, stated they were walking southbound in the 300 block of Church Street and noticed three males walking directly in front of them,” the Police Department said. “The victims crossed over East Trinity Place and one of the males stopped to tie his shoe so they passed the three males who then ended up walking behind them. One of the males then asked a question about a washer and dryer and asked to use the male victim’s cell phone and was told he did not have a phone.”

The suspects shoved the victims to the ground. But the male victim got back up again and fought back, police said. He noticed one of the suspects attempting to pull a sliver handgun from his waistband. The suspect dropped the gun.

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“As the handgun fell to the ground, the male victim put his body on top of it to keep it from the perpetrator,” the Police Department said. “One of the other suspects snatched a purse from the female victim. The male victim lost control of the firearm and the perpetrator regained possession. The three suspects then ran northbound on Church Street towards East Trinity Place.”

The male victim had minor injuries to his hands and knee scrapes. The female victim had a cut on the side of her head where she hit the ground. She initially declined to be taken to the hospital. Police offices asked for medical personnel to respond to the police department to meet with her and they took her to the hospital for an evaluation.

Police provided the following description of the suspects:

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Suspect #1: Black male, late teens to mid-20’s, approximately 5’7”, slim build, caramel skin tone, with short dreadlocks, wearing gray or white basketball shorts and a dark hoodie.

Suspect #2: Black male, unknown age range, approximately 6’2”, slim build, wearing a blue hoodie and red shorts and in possession of a silver firearm.

Suspect #3: Black male, unknown age range, wearing a black hoodie.

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