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Decatur School Superintendent David Dude receives $20,000 bonus


Decatur School Superintendent David Dude receives $20,000 bonus

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Superintendent David Dude


The Decatur School Board at its June 10 meeting gave Superintendent David Dude a $20,000 bonus, which is allowable under his current contract.

Dude makes $199,000 and has completed the first year of his second three-year contract, which expires in 2021 unless the board renews it. Under the terms of his contract, his salary is also will increase to $209,000 for the 2019-2020 school year.

The School Board says Dude deserves his bonus.

“Dr. Dude earned his bonus by meeting our goals for the past year,” the board said in a statement. “He is doing a great job for the City Schools of Decatur. He leans in to our priorities, he is effective, he works harder than we have any right to expect, and he exemplifies a commitment to continuous improvement, both in the District and in himself. Specific accomplishments during the past year include making substantial progress in the implementation of a district-wide Equity Action Plan, adopting a new, district-wide behavioral management plan, building and opening the new Talley Street Elementary School on time and under budget, presenting a ‘clean’ financial audit, and maintaining a high level of excellence in our academic, vocational, and extracurricular programs. Our schools are already among the best in Georgia, and with Dr. Dude’s leadership, we will continue to achieve new goals.”

The board sets Dude’s goals and evaluates his performance during closed-door executive sessions. Dude is eligible for the bonus if he meets those goals.

Dude referred questions to the School Board.

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