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Madison Avenue Soapbox Derby announces Global Village Project as 2019 beneficiary


Madison Avenue Soapbox Derby announces Global Village Project as 2019 beneficiary

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Nola Setser, 10, of Winona Park,dressed as a bottle of ketchup. Nola and her hot-dog styled derby car finished the course in 20 seconds. File photo from 2017


The beneficiary for this year’s Madison Avenue Soapbox Derby is going to be the Global Village Project, a school that was founded in Decatur in 2009 with a purpose of providing education to refugee young women.

Global Village Project teaches a group of students from more than 12 countries, its community speaking more than 16 different languages. Within one school year, these young women go on more than 25 experiential learning trips and hands-on field trips.

The Madison Avenue Soapbox Derby has raised more than $150,000 for local charities that serve children since its start in 2011, and this year, it will aid in continuing education for this community of students.

“For a decade, our school in Decatur has been providing refugee young women from around the world with the education they need to pursue their dreams, and Decatur has been a warm and welcoming home,” Director of the Global Village Project, Amy Pelissero said in a recent press release. “This partnership with the Madison Avenue Community Fund will provide our students with the educational opportunities and experiences that prepare them for success in high school here in their new home.”

For more information about the Global Village Project, click here.

To donate, to sign up to be a sponsor or volunteer, or to compete in the Madison Avenue Soapbox Derby, click here.

In addition, those interested in attending the derby can keep up-to-date via social media by clicking here, here and here.

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