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Revitalization Plan for the Memorial Drive corridor in the planning process

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Revitalization Plan for the Memorial Drive corridor in the planning process

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The Memorial Drive corridor. Image obtained via DeKalb County.


On Tuesday, June 25, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., DeKalb County is hosting the first of four open houses to talk about revitalization of the Memorial Drive corridor.

T’he meeting will be held at the DeKalb County Watershed Management Office at 4572 Memorial Drive in Decatur.

The Memorial Drive corridor is described as “a major thoroughfare, with access to bus and massive rail transit as well as access I-285 and US-78, a college and a university, more than 100 acres under government ownership, and several large underdeveloped tracts under private ownership,” according to a recent press release.

The Revitalization Plan is in the works “to enhance the long-term economic viability” of the Memorial Drive corridor, which includes the following proposed improvements:

– Initiatives for beautification

– Private sector investment

– Mixed-use development

– Living wage employment opportunities

– Establish initiatives for creating a “sense of place” for Atlanta or Gwinnett County

The Revitalization Plan should out of the planning process and finalized by November of this year.

For community members who can’t make it to an open house and want to share their opinions, there is an online survey by clicking here.

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