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Ahead of first day of school, Decatur Police remind public about law against passing buses

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Ahead of first day of school, Decatur Police remind public about law against passing buses

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This story has been updated. 

City Schools of Decatur students return to class on Aug. 1, and the Decatur Police Department wants people to remember that passing a school bus is illegal, even if you’re on a multi-lane road.

“Vehicles from both directions MUST STOP for school buses when the visual signals are activated whether on a two-lane road or multi-lane road,” the Police Department said in a Facebook post. “The only exception is for roadways with a median separation, in which case vehicles traveling in the opposite direction can proceed *with caution.* The only roadway with a median separation in the city of Decatur is Oakview Road. Please obey the law for the safety of our children and know that our school buses are equipped with School Bus Stop Arm Enforcement video systems.”

The Police Department also provided this graphic illustrating how the law works:

If a police officer or a camera on the bus catches you breaking the law, it could be costly.

“For school bus stop arm-camera citations, it is a $250 civil fine no matter how many times you commit the offense,” Police Lt. Jennifer Ross said. “If an officer observes the offense and a criminal citation is issued, that can result in six points on your driver’s license and a fine up to $1,000. If you have repeated violations, a judge can assess higher fines.”

Aug. 1 will also see the opening of Decatur’s new Talley Street Upper Elementary School for grades 3 through 5. The school cost $22.5 million to build. Here is the transportation plan for that school:

Image provided to Decaturish.

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