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Code Ninjas opens at Emory Point

Metro ATL

Code Ninjas opens at Emory Point

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On July 15, Code Ninjas opened at Emory Point in Atlanta.

Code Ninjas is a place for children ages seven to 14 to turn video games into an educational opportunity, whether that be through computer coding, working with drones and robotics, or other various STEM activities.

The curriculum is set up like martial arts, with nine belts awarded at each kid’s pace. By the end of the Code Ninjas program, each kid will publish an application in an app store.

Diane Jordan, owner of the Code Ninjas in Atlanta, recognizes how crucial technology is in the business world, especially with her IT background.

Prior to opening Code Ninjas in Atlanta, Turner was disappointed to learn that 25 percent of the technology industry are women, especially when considering the future career of her 11-year-old daughter.

“I’ll support my daughter Emma in whatever she wants to pursue but will also encourage her to learn the fundamentals of technology, given the importance for most future careers,” Jordan said in a recent press release.

Code Ninjas has several different programs for kids, whether that weeknight drop-ins, Parents Night Out events during weekends, or camps.

To learn more about Code Ninjas in Atlanta, click here.

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