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DeKalb County repaves 180 roads with sales tax funds

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DeKalb County repaves 180 roads with sales tax funds

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A map of DeKalb County.


Around 50 miles of DeKalb County’s worst streets and roads are finally repaved after the county began resurfacing them in 2018.

Funded by the county’s 1 cent special purpose local option sales tax (SPLOST), which voters approved in November 2017, the paving project will resurface nearly 300 miles of roads, according to the county.

To date, the DeKalb Board of Commissioners has approved two resurfacing projects totaling $40.9 million to target the first 100 miles of the worst-rated roads in the county. These first two projects account for one third of the total project.

“Before DeKalb voters overwhelmingly approved the SPLOST referendum, the county lacked funding to resurface streets on this scale,” DeKalb CEO Michael Thurmond said. “We’re on track to complete 100 miles of paving this year because of SPLOST.”

According the county, the paving project has required time and patience. Road resurfacing construction is reliant on fair weather, since crews must pause work during cold and rainy conditions, the county said. Additionally, the process itself requires several long steps.

DeKalb County will receive an estimated $388 million in SPLOST revenue over six years to improve county roads, infrastructure, libraries, parks and public safety.

Follow the progress of SPLOST road resurfacing by clicking here and clicking “Project Map.” For more information about DeKalb County SPLOST, visit the SPLOST website.

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