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Police arrest second suspect in hate-motivated shooting of gay man

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Police arrest second suspect in hate-motivated shooting of gay man

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Image of the suspects provided by DeKalb County Police.


DeKalb County Police confirmed that a second suspect in the June 4 murder of a gay man, Ronald Trey Peters, has been arrested.

Shaleeya Moore is currently in the DeKalb County Jail. Records show Moore was arrested on July 27.

The first suspect arrested, Joshua Ellis, is in the Clayton County Jail on unrelated charges.

“There is still one outstanding suspect,” a spokesperson for the DeKalb County Police Department said.

The June 4 murder occurred at 3444 Orchard Circle. Police responded to a call about a person shot around 8:25 a.m.

According to the police report, the suspects used homophobic language during the murder. According to the report, Peters was harassed over his sexuality a week before the crime.

“Mr. Joseph Davis responded to the incident location. He stated that he was the victim’s partner and that the victim’s name was Ronald Peters,” the police report says. “Mr. Peters was on his way to the MARTA station going to work. Mr. Davis also stated that there was an incident about one week ago that involved two black men harassing Mr. Peters calling him a faggot but didn’t think anything of it and never asked about it. The witness …  stated that while the victim was walking down Orchard Circle, two black men came out of a truck and put a mask on and told the victim to ‘give me your bag faggot.’ The witness then stated one of the unidentified suspects shot the victim in the chest with a chrome pistol then proceeded to shoot him again in the neck after he was on the ground and took his bag.”

The suspects left the area in a maroon four-door truck, headed south towards Columbia Drive.

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