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Arby’s plans to return to Tucker

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Arby’s plans to return to Tucker

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Tucker's City Hall. Photo provided by the city of Tucker


By Logan C. Ritchie, contributor 

After a decade-long absence, Arby’s stands to make a new home in Tucker near Lawrenceville Highway and Lynburn Drive. During the Aug. 26 Tucker City Council meeting, an attorney for GMC Real Estate presented plans to build an Arby’s drive-thru in the congested corridor.

The council heard strong opposition from residents of Hearthside Senior Living at the Aug. 26 meeting. Residents said an Arby’s drive-thru restaurant will create overcrowding where pedestrians already struggle to cross.

The restaurant doesn’t have an opening date yet because the permits still need approval from the City Council.

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Hearthside resident Barbara McPherson, who gets around on foot, said drivers have no patience on Lawrenceville Highway.

“People curse me out at the light,” McPherson said. “They say I’m too slow. It’s not an age-friendly road. Adding an Arby’s drive-thru won’t make it better unless you make an exit out the back.”

Echoing her statement, former Harvard Public School of Health professor Gretchen Berggren said, “It’s all I can do to safely cross the street by myself.”

Several residents asked if other locations were considered for Arby’s drive-thru.

GMC’s attorney, Den Webb, said his client prepared a traffic study in compliance with City Council’s request.

Councilmember Anne Lerner said, “The city is not building the Arby’s so we cannot choose the location. It’s not up to us to say, ‘Move it here, move it there.’ We can suggest those things but don’t own those properties.”

Lerner called the corridor a “hot mess.” Tucker is collaborating with the Georgia Department of Transportation and private property owners for a solution.

In other business:

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– The city council voted unanimously to approve the 13-unit single family development of Saren Court.

– Clean Harbors industrial waste management company proposed a solid waste facility at 1374 Beverage Drive near East Ponce de Leon Avenue. The property backs up to Snapfinger Creek and Stone Mill Elementary School.

Both Arby’s and Clean Harbors ordinances will be read again on Sept. 23 at Tucker City Council meeting.

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