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(UPDATE) Decatur Police: Arrest warrants issued for armed robbery suspects

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(UPDATE) Decatur Police: Arrest warrants issued for armed robbery suspects

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Photo by Dan Whisenhunt


The Decatur Police Department says arrest warrants have been issued for suspects accused of committing a July 24 armed robbery in the 400 block of Ansley Street. Two of the suspects have been arrested, police said.


Following Harris’ arrest, police issued a warrant for a third suspect. The suspect was eventually taken into custody, police said.


According to Police, on the evening of July 24 the robbery victim left work in Oakhurst and began walking home traveling east on Oakview Road and then north on Ansley Street. The victim had headphones on and was listening to music. While he was walking on Ansley Street, he saw three males walking past him on the sidewalk.

“Two of the males then suddenly accosted him, both pointed firearms at him and one of the males demanded he empty his pockets and give them his phone,” the police report says. “The victim complied, gave the males his phone and then ran from the area until he found a person walking their dog and asked for them to call 911. The person did not have a phone so the victim ran home and called police. Officers canvassed Decatur High School property based on results from the victim’s phone locator app and recovered a replica firearm on the ground. Officers later recovered the victim’s phone in the same area. One of the suspects was captured on video surveillance carrying and discarding the stolen phone.”

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