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Winnona Park PTA member Chris Stirn running for City Commission District 2

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Winnona Park PTA member Chris Stirn running for City Commission District 2

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Chris Stirn. Image provided to Decaturish


Chris Stirn, a member of the Winnona Park PTA, has announced he will run for the District 2 City Commission seat.

The current commissioner, Brian Smith, will not seek reelection. The municipal elections are Nov. 5.

“I am compelled to run after having lots of conversations with our neighbors and hearing the commonality of their concerns, hopes, and aspirations for our community,” he said. “We live in just 4.2 square miles and it is this closeness that gives us the opportunity to work together in order to build a sustainable and thriving city. I believe that our neighbors bring a tremendous amount of capabilities and insights to the table and I would like to earn the opportunity to be the voice for the vibrant and diverse District 2 community.”

His top priorities for the city are:

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– Communication that is open and transparent, that increases engagement and accessibility to information.

– Development and infrastructure that is managed and deliberate, encompassing opportunity for all.

– Transportation and transit through the city, balanced with our position as a crossroads in the larger regional systems.

– Strong connection between the city and our school system that is aligned with the growth and development needs of both.

“I know how hard my family has worked and what we have sacrificed to move into Decatur, a city that we admired from the Medlock Park Neighborhood for so long,” Stirn said. “I understand the challenges that other neighbors have overcome in the same effort and want to work to ensure that those who currently live here and those that want to join our great community have an opportunity to do so in an equitable and thriving way.”

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Stirn holds a masters degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida with a concentration in Geographical Information Systems. He’s owned and managed small businesses. He’s been a resident of Winnona Park since 2017. He has a wife and two daughters, ages 5 and 8, who attend Winnona Park Elementary and Talley Street Upper Elementary Schools. His mother and stepfather also live in the city of Decatur. He is currently the chair of the Winnona Park PTA Safe Routes to School committee and as the Co-Chair of the Holiday Sale.

“I approach decisions and learning in a very pragmatic and data driven way and support collaborative efforts,” Stirn said. “I intend to help build coalitions in favor of balancing our communities quality of life and progress of the city. I recognize the need to incorporate all voices in these processes and want to ensure that our neighbors know that they are heard in areas that affect them next door and across town. I believe in incorporating lessons learned and best practices to refine plans and acknowledge that even the best plans do not survive a changing set of circumstances. I know accountability is paramount in leadership and that by continuing to communicate and involving our neighbors voices, we remain responsive and responsible to the will of our community.”

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