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City of Decatur seeking community input on stormwater management priorities


City of Decatur seeking community input on stormwater management priorities

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Photo obtained via the city of Decatur


As the city of Decatur continues to prepare a master plan for new stormwater management initiatives, the city is seeking community input on priorities for potential projects.

Over the past year, Decatur residents have joined together with city staff and the AECOM consultant team to discuss all aspects of stormwater management in Decatur, the city said in a news update.

Since then, the city has kicked off the process, explored infrastructure via an Oakhurst walking tour, discussed regulations and options, considered approaches and set priorities for evaluating potential projects. Ultimately, the city hopes to produce a master plan that will guide initiatives and projects over the next two decades.

Currently, the city plans to unveil the master plan in October. Until then, the city is offering an online opportunity for residents to provide their own feedback on prioritizing projects, system capacity modeling results and policy ideas.

To participate in the online feedback process, the city asks residents to first review these examples of current problem areas illustrating the complex web of public and private infrastructure involved, existing both below and above ground.

Next, participants should review the modeling results, which explore the city’s four watersheds and the stormwater processing capacity currently existing in each, the city said. The models also show where simulated storm events resulted in excesses of 75 percent of the infrastructure capacity and where the planning team has received reports of stormwater concerns from the community.

Then, participants can complete a comment sheet PDF, save the completed PDF to their desktop, then email it to AECOM team member Kristin Rowles at [email protected]

On Oct.16, from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m., the city will present the draft recommendations of the updated master plan for public consideration. The presentation will take place at the Decatur Recreation Center, and attendees will have the opportunity to review the recommendations and provide feedback to the team on the projects, policies, and priorities presented.

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