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City Schools of Decatur removing some portable classrooms

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City Schools of Decatur removing some portable classrooms

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Winnona Park Elementary announced that City Schools of Decatur will be removing portable classrooms there this week, and the school district says it will also remove portable classrooms at Fifth Avenue Upper Elementary.

Ruth Scott, the Principal of Winnona Park Elementary, told parents in a Sept. 16 email that, “City Schools of Decatur will begin the demolition and removal of the modular buildings on Poplar Street starting this week. Dumpsters will be positioned in the back parking lot, and street parking may be limited during this time.”

Noel Maloof, CSD’s Executive Director of Operations, said four portables will be removed from Winnona Park, cutting the number of portables there in half. He said six of the 10 portables at F.AVE will be removed during fall break, which starts Sept. 23.

Here’s the number of portables that will remain at CSD schools following the removal of portables at Winnona Park and FAVE:

Glennwood – 4

Oakhurst – 4

F.AVE – 4

Winnona – 4

College Heights – 6

There are no longer any portable classrooms at Decatur High or Renfroe Middle schools. They were removed following the completion of expansion and renovations at Renfroe and DHS.

“The modulars remaining at the schools will be part of the upcoming Facilities Planning discussion kicking off soon,” CSD spokesperson Courntey Burnett said.

She said CSD is removing some portables because the school system switched from a system of K-3 schools feeding into a 4-5 academy to a system of K-2 schools feeding into two 3-5 academies. The two 3-5 academies are F.AVE and the new Talley Street School which opened this year.

“With the new grade band reconfiguration, we no longer need the … extra classrooms at Winnona Park and F.AVE,” Burnett said.

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