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DeKalb County solicitor-general launches domestic violence prevention initiative

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DeKalb County solicitor-general launches domestic violence prevention initiative

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Donna Coleman-Stribling, DeKalb County’s solicitor-general, has launched a domestic violence prevention initiative with funding from DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond.

According to a press release from the solicitor-general’s office, Coleman-Stribling used the funding to create the Not in My DeKalb initiative, which includes a domestic violence prevention and mentorship campaign and provides second-response personnel to the DeKalb County Police Department’s (DCPD) south precinct.

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“Since taking office, it has been my goal to equip our community with the resources and knowledge needed to better identify problematic patterns that could lead to deadly consequences,” Coleman-Stribling said. “It is vital to extend our resources to DeKalb County police. It is vital to partner with other county agencies and local non-profits to educate our community through free programs. Through this initiative, we will strengthen our partnerships and create a stronger network that can interrupt this deadly cycle.”

As a part of the Not in My DeKalb initiative, Coleman-Stribling, in partnership with the DCPD, will also launch a pilot program where a victim advocate from her office will act as second-response personnel for many misdemeanor domestic violence cases.

According to the release, the victim advocate will directly engage with victims within hours of the arrest of the perpetrator. They will assist with information and resources and will allow for early intervention in these misdemeanor domestic violence incidents.

During the past decade, an average of 149 Georgians have been killed each year due to domestic violence, the release said. Of the more than 13,000 misdemeanor cases prosecuted by Coleman-Stribling’s office each year, nearly one-third deal with domestic violence.

The Not in My DeKalb initiative features two programs called Because We Are Family and Sunday Night Lights.

Because We Are Family, taking place on select Saturdays, includes workshops focusing on improving families’ communication, as well as tactics for conflict resolution.

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Sunday Night Lights is a family-style program to be held on select Sundays, featuring discussions focused on conflict resolution led by certified facilitators over a freshly prepared meal.

The initiative will kick off Sept. 27 with a pop-up summit at South DeKalb Mall. Community members are invited to meet local law enforcement, enjoy free food and learn more about the resources in DeKalb combatting intimate partner violence.

For more information on the Not in My DeKalb initiative, visit the initiative website here.

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