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Civic Dinners launching The Lovable City conversation this month in 100 cities

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Civic Dinners launching The Lovable City conversation this month in 100 cities

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Civic Dinners, a platform for community members to come together through dinner and conversation, is launching The Lovable City conversation this month.

According to The Lovable City website, this initiative includes 100 cities throughout the nation, in order to “bring residents together around the dinner table to imagine a more lovable city.”

What is the Lovable City conversation? It involves residents hosting dinners. Six to 10 guests are invited to eat dinner and participate in guided conversations about “what makes their city lovable,” according to The Lovable City website.

Before and after these guided conversations, opinions will be gathered through surveys and consolidated into The Lovable City report, which is aimed “to help inform future planning and policy making that works for everyone,” according to The Lovable City website.

To take The Lovable City survey now, click here.

For more information, click here.

For those interested in signing up to participate in Civic Dinners or just interested in learning more, click here.

The city of Decatur working with Civic Dinners and is encouraging people to participate in the survey.

“Civic Dinners is thrilled to launch The Lovable City in hopes of learning more about what makes Decatur lovable, what you’d love to love, and how you’d like to be more involved in creating a more lovable city,” the city announced on its Decatur Minute blog. “With just 7 minutes of your time, your answers will help Civic Dinners and The Lovable City create national and city reports that will be accessible for all participants as we work to create a more lovable future together.”

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