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Oakhurst Porchfest returns on Oct. 12

Decatur Food

Oakhurst Porchfest returns on Oct. 12

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Michael Bradley, an Americana muscian with a bit of a Nick Cave plays on the corner of Maxwell and 3rd Street in the third annual Oakhurst Porchfest. File photo


This Saturday, bands will take over the porches of homes in Decatur’s Oakhurst neighborhood.

Oakhurst Porchfest is back. The free festival, launched in 2015, is a non-ticketed, grassroots music event, driven by volunteers and fueled by the goodwill of the community.

On Saturday, Oct 12, from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. you will have a chance to find out what makes Porchfest so special, if you didn’t know already.

There are more than 200 musical acts slated to perform, and several food and beverage vendors for people looking for a cold one and a bite to eat.

For a map that provides you with everything you need to know about who’s playing and what’s cooking, click here.

Because it’s not a traditional festival with ticketing, there will be no street closures. Everyone will be responsible for policing their own behavior. There will be “block captains” who “ensure general order, keep volumes in check, and alert the police in the event of an emergency.”

The event has been divided into zones with block captains responsible for each individual zone.

Oakhurst Porchfest founder Scott Doyon said, “We’ve got 30 participating zones with a minimum of three captains in each, for a total of roughly 110 on board.”

To see a useful FAQ about the event, click here.

If you’re planning to drive to Porchfest, make other plans.

“We’re easy to find but know this: While you’re welcome to drive, it’s a really, really bad idea,” the event website says. “It’s crazy hard to park, you get trapped in soul crushing congestion, and you basically end up cursing yourself and wishing you’d never been born. We make no apologies: If you don’t have to drive, it’s absolutely better not to. Rather than driving, consider walking, biking, ridesharing, scootershare, or taking MARTA.”

If you’re still up for getting your soul crushed, you can find a parking guide by clicking here.

If you are planning to use the event to raise funds for your organization, please post the details of your fundraiser in our comments section. Be sure to let readers know what you’ll be selling, who you’re raising funds for and where you will be located.

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