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DeKalb County commissioner allocates $125,000 to combat domestic violence

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DeKalb County commissioner allocates $125,000 to combat domestic violence

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DeKalb County District 5 Commissioner Mereda Davis Johnson recently announced that two county offices will receive funds to fight domestic violence cases.

According to a county press release, Davis Johnson has allocated $75,000 to the District Attorney’s Office and $50,000 to the Solicitor-General’s Office. The funds will help to provide “highly specialized training on strangulation cases” and “provide an investigator who will act as a second responder in domestic violence cases,” particularly in south DeKalb.

“It is our collective duty and responsibility to do all we can to combat the challenging epidemic of domestic violence,” Davis Johnson said. “Years from now, our children will ask what we did to make DeKalb a better place to live, work, worship and play. It is my hope that we will be able to say that we put a stop to domestic violence in DeKalb County.”

The Solicitor-General’s Office intends to use the additional funds to hire an investigator, who will serve in a time-limited position. The investigator will be assigned to provide the necessary and proper support to the victim advocate, the county said.

The victim advocate and investigator will act as second response personnel for many misdemeanor domestic violence cases, which make up more than a third of cases the office prosecutes.

According to the county, strangulation is a subset of domestic violence cases that “presents unique challenges to both the investigation and prosecution.”

As part of the effort to combat domestic violence, the county will also partner with the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention to provide a four-day intensive training to all multidisciplinary team members involved in the investigation, prosecution, intervention and advocacy of domestic violence cases.

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