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MARTA to modify bus route schedules, starting on December 7

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MARTA to modify bus route schedules, starting on December 7

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FILE PHOTO: A MARTA bus at the Decatur, GA MARTA station. File Photo by: Dan Whisenhunt

MARTA has plans to modify bus route 19, Clairmont Road, bus route 123, Church Street/North DeKalb Mall, and bus route 823, Belvedere, starting on Dec. 7, 2019.

Below, the modifications that will be made to each route are listed, according to a recent press release.

Route 19: Clairmont Road – Modifications will be made to extend service to the East Lake Station. This change will move the service from Decatur Station to East Lake Station to Route 19, whereas it was previously offered by Route 123, Church Street/North DeKalb Mall. In addition, Route 19 will change names from Clairmont Road to Clairmont Road/W. Howard Avenue.

Route 123: Church Street/North DeKalb Mall – Modifications will be made to include transportation from Decatur Station to North DeKalb Mall via Emory Decatur Hospital, formerly bus route named DeKalb Medical Hospital. Service along the Decatur Station to East Lake Station will be offered on Route 19, Clairmont Road.

Route 823: Belvedere – Modifications will be made to include service along Candler Road and Memorial Drive between Hosea L Williams Drive and Line Street, up to Belvedere Lane. However, trips along Candler Road and S. Candler Street will remain the same, offered by Route 15, Candler Road. In addition, bus services will be terminated on Midway Road and Carter Road because of lack of bus riders.

In addition, there will be slight scheduling changes to the routes 12, 14, 19, 37, 51, 84, 86, 117, 123, 172, 181, 194, 823, 856, and 867, which are changes made to “improve safety, operating efficiency, and schedule reliability,” according to a recent press release.

MARTA provided the following maps for each of the affected routes.

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