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NPU-O selects interim board members, receives update on MARTA station renovation

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NPU-O selects interim board members, receives update on MARTA station renovation

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NPU-O interim Vice Chair Marcus Owens. Photo by Sara Amis


By Sara Amis, contributor 

The Nov. 26 meeting of Neighborhood Planning Unit O at Bessie Branham Recreation Center in Kirkwood was lightly attended due to proximity to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Those present elected an interim chair and vice chair and move the scheduled election of those positions to January.

The interim chair is Charles Timmesch, and the interim vice chair is Marcus Owens. Kipling Dunlap was elected as the regular term secretary. Dunlap, who has a degree in urban planning from Georgia State University, says the NPU meetings are the best source of knowledge about what is happening in a given neighborhood.

“Whatever is coming down the pike, it surfaces here first,” said Dunlap.

Debbie Frank, MARTA Director of Transit Oriented Development, and Erica Pines, Senior Director for Public Engagement gave an update on the progress of the Edgewood-Candler Park station renovation. The final phase will require closure of the station stairs and escalator for 4-5 months. Temporary stairs will be built on the south side.

Amanda Hallauer from the Department of Watershed Management cautioned residents not to let leaves block storm drains as it can cause flooding.

“Don’t blow or rake leaves into the storm drains, and if you see leaves clogging the drains please clear them,” said Hallauer.

Daniel Vasquez, NPU program coordinator for the Department of City Planning, announced a new  “NPU University” that will be a series of courses offered to the public on city policy, procedures, zoning, and neighborhood planning.

A list of classes will be available, and registration will begin in December, and the classes will begin in January.

The existing NPU grant program is now called the Community Impact Grant Program. Applications open Jan. 6, 2020 and close March 6, 2020 for next year’s grant cycle.  Grants are available for up to $4,000, and the program has already provided funding for projects like the new Kirkwood Dog Park.

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