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Veterans Day: Letter recounts history of Harold Byrd Post

Avondale Estates Decatur

Veterans Day: Letter recounts history of Harold Byrd Post

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Local veterans and Avondale Estates residents are probably familiar with the  American Legion Harold Byrd Post 66.

It’s located at 30 Covington Road in Avondale.

But people may not know the history of the Harold Byrd post.

R.K. Whiteford, the post commander in 1943, wrote about how he raised money for the purchase of the clubhouse. “Most of you were in World War II at that time,” Whiteford writes in this account posted on the website. Whiteford, who had a background in newspapers, talks about how he raised money for the clubhouse so his “buddies” would have a place to get together when they returned from the war. He got a little help along the way from some prominent members of the Decatur community.

The letter, written in 1962, begins, “Our commander, Jack Lyon, ask that I give you a brief history of the purchase of our clubhouse. If I seem to be a bit running off at the mouth please bear with an old man for he has nothing to do but talk.”

Whiteford’s account is charming and funny throughout.

To read the whole piece, click here.

Thank you to all of our veterans and we hope you have a great Veterans Day.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in 2013. 

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