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With influx of 500 new animals, LifeLine Animal Project waives all fees to encourage adoptions

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With influx of 500 new animals, LifeLine Animal Project waives all fees to encourage adoptions

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Photo provided by LifeLine

After taking in nearly 500 new animals in the past two weeks, LifeLine Animal Project has issued an “urgent plea” for Atlantans to adopt or foster from their shelters.

Last week, 162 animals came into LifeLine’s DeKalb County Animal Services (DCAS) shelter and 196 entered their Fulton County Animal Services (FCAS) shelter, according to a LifeLine press release. Since last Sunday, 140 more have also entered their shelters.

Now, to help encourage adoptions and save lives, LifeLine is offering free adoptions through Sunday, Nov. 3. All fee-waived adoptions include the pet’s spay/neuter, microchip and vaccinations, which LifeLine estimates at a $300 value.

Participating shelters include DCAS, FCAS, the LifeLine Community Animal Center and the LifeLine Cat Adoption Center.

According to DCAS Director Kerry Moyers-Horton, the sudden influx of animals comes as a surprise to the shelters.

“While the majority of these animals are strays, intake typically decreases some in October, so we aren’t sure why so many are entering the shelter now,” Moyers-Horton said. “Putting ID on your pet, including a microchip and tag, is one of the best ways to prevent them from becoming a stray.”

FCAS Shelter Director Lara Hudson said that adoption rates are also typically down during the fall, which may have contributed to the high numbers of animals.

“People become busy with fall plans and kids returning to school, so our adoption and foster rates decline this time of year which is why we so urgently need the community’s help,” Hudson said. “If you’re looking to adopt a pet, now is truly the time. And if you can’t adopt, consider fostering, even for just a few weeks, to also save lives.”

For shelter addresses and hours, go here. To view animals available for adoption visit LifeLine’s site here.

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