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City of Decatur in search of Engagement Squad members for the 2020 Strategic Plan

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City of Decatur in search of Engagement Squad members for the 2020 Strategic Plan

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The boundaries of the city of Decatur. Source: Google Maps


The city of Decatur asking residents to join the Engagement Squad to help support the “Decatur Destination:2030,” the 2020 update to the city’s strategic plan.

The strategic plan is a “living guide for policy, funding, and programming decisions” in the city of Decatur.

Planning for the next 10 years will start in January, and the Engagement Squad will help keep residents in-the-know about the planning process.

The Engagement Squad is intended to be inclusive and also provide an easy way for people to help with the planning process. According to a recent press release from the city, Engagement Squad members will “pass along info they receive from planning coordinators to the groups they’re already involved with” in hopes to keep all residents well-informed about the strategic plan update.

“No matter where residents live or work or participate in community activities, there will be a familiar face sharing the latest news about the process and about opportunities to participate directly,” a press release from the city says.

Interested in being a part of the Engagement Squad? Click here for more information.

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