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DeKalb County Commissioner allocates $1 million to Avondale Dunair Park improvements

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DeKalb County Commissioner allocates $1 million to Avondale Dunair Park improvements

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Steve Bradshaw. Photo by Rebecca Breyer


DeKalb County Commissioner Steve Bradshaw has allocated $1 million from District 4 Park Bond Funds for capital improvements at Avondale Dunaire Park, according to a county press release.

Bradshaw secured the support of the Board of Commissioners for this allocation in a vote that took place Dec. 10.

Made up of two large fields, Avondale Dunaire Park sits on approximately 16 acres on George Luther Drive, which intersects with Memorial Drive just inside I–285. Adjacent to that parcel is an old 14-acre property belonging to Georgia Department of Transportation, which was the site of a massive tire dump. DeKalb County purchased this site in the fall of 2018.

On Dec. 4, 2018, Bradshaw allocated $65,000 to do a master plan study of the entire 30 acres, the county said. That study process included a community engagement component.

“Just imagine: what was once literally a mosquito-infested dumping ground for old tires could become something that is special and potentially a destination point for residents and visitors to the area,” Bradshaw said. “As I stated at the beginning of the master planning process, I would be ready to allocate a significant amount of the remaining District 4 Park Bonds Funds to help make the plan a reality. This allocation represents me following through on that previous commitment.”

Earlier this year, Bradshaw laid out his approach to addressing the revitalization of the Memorial Drive Corridor between I-285 and Stone Mountain. According to the county, Bradshaw envisions Avondale Dunaire Park as an “important asset to the revitalization of this area.”

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