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Brush Sushi Izakaya will reconfigure dining space

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Brush Sushi Izakaya will reconfigure dining space

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Photo Courtesy: Brush Sushi Izakaya


Brush Sushi Izakaya, located at 316 Church Street in downtown Decatur, will be making a few changes this year.

The restaurant opened in 2016.

In March or April of this year, the dining space will have a wall dividing the room into two areas: the Bar /Dining side and the Sushi Omakase side, Chef Jason Liang said.

“The Bar/Dining side will be slightly bigger,” Liang said. “This side will be refined to be Ramen focused, adding the Classic Tonkotsu and Chicken Shoyu Ramen while keeping what’s on our current menu the Spicy Miso, Duck Shoyu and Soy Milk Miso. We will add homemade steamed baos with different protein options such as pork belly, miso duck and more.  A this will be accompanied by some of our other popular small plates such as Chashu Rice, Takoyaki, Poke Bowl, Yellowtail Jalapeño, etc. We will open lunch and dinner seven days a week.”

The Sushi side of the restaurant will be what guests already know, Liang said.

“The Sushi side will continue to focus on authenticity and an elevated one on one service so guests may enjoy the same quality of sushi we are known for, while having a memorable experience,” Liang said. “We will have two unique Omakase only offerings at the sushi bar, and a prix fixe menu option for the dining tables. Hours of operation are Tuesday through Sunday, dinner only.”

Both sides of the restaurant will have a full bar.

“We will keep our most popular cocktails available as well as the variety of unique Japanese/Asian whiskeys and sakes we are known for,” Liang said. “The bar/dining room side will extend the bar menu by offering more options to pair with the more laid back and casual atmosphere of that section of the restaurant. The Sushi section of the restaurant will extend the bar menu to include upscale sakes and unique wines. We will continue to also offer Omakase drink pairings and specialty craft cocktails that are exclusive to the Omakase dining experience.”

For more information about Brush Sushi Izakaya, click here.

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