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Reminder: Decatur to launch strategic planning process with Jan. 23 community meeting

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Reminder: Decatur to launch strategic planning process with Jan. 23 community meeting

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As the city of Decatur begins work on its 2020 strategic plan, the city will host its Citizen Roundtables – public meetings that make up “the heart of [its] once-a-decade” strategic planning process, the city said in a newsletter.

This year’s roundtable will launch with a meeting on Thursday, Jan. 23, from 7-9 p.m. at the Decatur Courtyard by Marriott’s Decatur Conference Center.

At the meeting, participants will be assigned to groups to discuss their perspectives and priorities for the city. Thereafter, participants will meet with their groups three times over a period of roughly two months, the city said.

The strategic plan will guide the city’s decisions and yearly budgets for the next decade, including things such as green space acquisitions, public art, bike lanes and other initiatives.

Learn more and register to participate here.

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